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Louboutin Meets Cinderella

July 17, 2012

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

When it was announced several months ago that shoe designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin would be designing a pair of Cinderella-inspired shoes in time for the Disney movie’s Blu-ray and DVD re-release, hearts fluttered around the world and Twitter feeds exploded.

But, the fluttering hearts transformed into gaudy Swarovski crystal-studded butterflies that landed themselves on an otherwise okay shoe. The lace detailing on the shoe is a little reminiscent of an aging table-top runner that my grandmother had. Maybe I’m just bitter that the shoes aren’t as I had imagined. Or, maybe these shoes are much more fit for the Las Vegas strip, not Cinderella.

What do you think?

Look at Me: Chartreuse

June 26, 2012

Left: Christopher Kane; Right: Burberry Prorsum
Photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar; Photographer: Sean Cunningham

This summer is all about bright, vibrant colors. However, if you really want to stand out in the crowd, plan on investing in some chartreuse. This yellow-green hue will leave you ready to be the center of attention at whatever summery fête you have planned.

Do it like the models do – wear it as the main color for an outfit or in eye-popping accessories.

Elizabeth and James – $495 at

BCBG – $90 at

Oscar de la Renta – on sale for $630 at

Adam – on sale for $135 at

Are you a chartreuse fan?

Trend Alert: Princess Kate in Tweed

April 30, 2012

Photo Credit:

Princess Catherine, or Kate Middleton if you prefer, has been a recently trending topic, not only for celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary this week with Prince William, but for this tweed Rebecca Taylor number she wore Thursday, April 26th at the Scott-Amundsen Cenetary Race reception. The Duchess paired the suit with clutch and suede shoes by designer Anya Hindmarch.

This has been the second tweed outfit the Princess has been spotted wearing recently, which has the fashion industry buzzing. Rumor has it that designers are trying to churn out tweed as quickly as possible to meet the growing demand ignited by Kate’s favoritism of the material. I guarantee you’ll be seeing tweed everywhere this summer.

Are you a fan?

Style Q & A: Kitten Heels

April 27, 2012

Welcome to the first installment of Style Q’s. This week’s burning question comes in from Kathy in North Carolina:

For us TALL women, why don’t more companies make MORE of those kitten heel shoes and make cute ones? It seems a lot of cute shoes are 3 to 4 inches tall… I’m already tall and don’t want to be taller PLUS it hurts my shoulders for some reason to walk on heels 2″ and higher. What are your recommendations?

Hi Kathy! You’re in luck – kitten heel shoes are making a comeback – and have been a recent style staple of style icons like Princess Catherine to celebrities like Taylor Swift. To keep the look from vering towards “dowdy,” I suggest a pair that have on-trend embellishments like the hardware detailing on Princess Kate’s or in an fun color like Swift’s.


Photo credits:,

Here are my recommendations:

Debenhams – $64 at

Asos – On sale for $44 (originally $64) at

Asos – On sale for $109 (originally $218) at

Stuart Weitzman – $285 at

Have a burning style question you would like to ask? Send your Q’s to


Couture Controversy: Raf Simon Chosen for Dior

April 19, 2012

Dior then…

Dior now…

Photo Credits: 1) Unknown circa 1955; 2) Photographer Arthur Elgort and model Karlie Kloss for Vogue in 2012

Dear FairViewers,

I feel the need to explain my brief hiatus last week from the blogosphere. I had gone into a state of shock. Let me elaborate…

After John Galliano was removed from his position as Chief Creative Director for French haute couture (power)house Christian Dior in March 2011, the question on everyone’s mind was who was going to replace him. No one followed the search for his successor more closely than I did – unless it was Ms. Anna Wintour herself – as Vogue kept a constantly updated timeline of the search process.

For a solid year I have talked my friends’ ears off about the subject until whenever any mention of couture came up during casual conversation, they would find ways to purposefully and forcefully redirect the conversation. Without my friends to turn to, I became a regular curbside prophet, handing out pamphlets to passer-bys on the street while I mumbled incoherently to myself about whom I was placing my bets on to be Galliano’s successor.

Of course, I am kidding. But fashion followers around the world and I were anxious for a decision to be made. We would not get one for over a year. Yes, Dior’s decision was a long, arduous process which was sprinkled with plenty of drama. Rumor after rumor circulated and the list of possible successors was an impressive one – Riccardo Tisci, Haider Ackermann (Karl Lagerfeld’s own hand-picked successor), Erdem Moralioglu, Christopher Kane, and Marc Jacobs. I had my money on Marc Jacobs. I was all in.

So when the news broke last week that Raf Simon had been chosen, I was astonished… moments later I was confused. I had everything turned around. In fact, Lauren Milligan at Vogue and I were on the same wavelength – after Raf Simon departed (or was allegedly fired) from his position at Jil Sander, it seemed like Simon would take over at Vuitton when Jacobs moved to Dior. So why the confusion? Simon is often described as being a “minimalist.” Originally a menswear designer, Simon’s looks are often clean, simple, and modern. You may realize by now that none of these adjectives have ever been used to describe Dior.

I am neither ashamed to admit that I was wrong, nor am I sad that Jacobs did not accept the position. But, I would like to clarify why I thought what I did. First, Jacobs did one hell of a job at the Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2012 in the name of Louis Vuitton. You are still unable to go to a store and buy a magazine that does not have at least one picture from the show featured in it. Tumblr is inundated with pictures of the models and the now-famous carousel. And everyone is still excitedly chatting about how fabulous Kate-the-Great looked while closing the show. I was convinced that this was his farewell to Vuitton. Secondly, Jacobs excels exceedingly in women’s fashion, as he has demonstrated, and Dior is a name synonymous with ultra-femininity.

Numerous, too, are the rumors now circulating as to why Jacobs did not accept the position, as most everyone is certain that there were indeed negotiations taking place during which Jacobs was extended an invitation to Dior. Perhaps Jacobs has been telling us the truth and he really is too happy at Louis Vuitton to leave. Or, perhaps there were breakdowns during the negotiations over what he would be paid. Or, perhaps the rumor Vogue covered that Jacobs insisted on bringing his staff with him from LV is what broke the deal. Whatever the reason, Jacobs did not sashay himself over to Dior.

Christian Dior once famously stated, “I have designed flower women.” Of course, he was referring to his designs of tiny bodices juxtaposed against large, full skirts with plenty of movement that have become a signature of the label. Dior is anything but minimalistic. Dior is decadence.  Raf Simon has failed to produce anything that tells me he is capable of haute couture on this level. With his Dior debut scheduled for July, he has but only a short amount of time to do so.

Can he? 

White Out

April 14, 2012

Pictured from left: Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale

Photo Credit:

One of my favorite series of posts that I do for this blog are the “color” posts in which I feature one of the hotest colors to be on the look-out for. But today I’m not technically featuring a color, instead, a lack there of. White. Whether we’re talking winter white, snow white, ivory white, white white… it’s all in. Think of the Rolling Stones lyrics “Paint It Black,” but change it to white.

Check out the the lovely ladies above for tips on how to style it. Sarah Jessica Parker adds a faint hint of pastel blue in the Louis Vuitton eyelet number she is wearing, straight off the LV S/S 2012 runway. Angie wears an all-white outfit but pairs it with beige shoes and keeps her signature black purse in tow. Kate Beckinsale mixes a winter white with bright white lace and, like Angelina, wears beige shoes.

This past weekend I went out and stocked up on more whites, and bought a blousey-fit white shirt similar to Angelina Jolie’s at J. Crew. The good news about this look is that, unlike some colors, white will never go out of style. And remember ladies, nude bras are always the more tasteful way to wear a white top.

Get the Look:

Topshop – $70 at

Thread Social – $174 at

Citizens of Humanity – on sale for $144 at

Topshop – $52 at

The Ad Campaign of the Year

April 7, 2012

Photo Credits:

I know it is early in the year for such exorbitant claims, but Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 ads have to win the Ad Campaign of the Year Award. Shot by the famous, often provocative, American photographer Steven Meisel and featuring models Daria Strokous and Katie Nescher, these ads perfectly showcase designer Marc Jacob’s creations for LV – the saturated colors, the pastels, the eyelet, the flashes of metallic, the retro vibe!  These ads are pretty enough to be framed.


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